Elladora has it’s own Unique style for the fashion forward crowd, we not only specialize in our own Vintage style, but we love custom work. If you have an idea we can design and create it.


Hand Bags

Two different processes are used for our hand bags. Much like the clips ironed together plastic is used and reinforced with interfacing. Knitting and crochet is another process used to create our handbags.


Hair Clips

The process starts with collecting different colour bags then deconstructing each bag into flat sheet. The plastic is then layered and ironed together. Using scrap-booking techniques each petal and leaf is cut. Produce netting and recycled buttons add detail and originality, no two clips will be exactly the same.



As mentioned we do a lot of custom work along with our own fashion line. Below you can see some of our fashions and custom work.


Custom Work & Accessories


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